Engagement Programmes 

js global specialises in bringing together key influencers with often conflicting viewpoints to catalyse real change 
The G20 has called climate change the greatest challenge of our time. Addressing the potentially devastating impact will require unprecedented collaboration, and a clear understanding of the inextricable link between emotive issues such as starving polar bears on diminishing ice caps and the startling statistics on the decline of species world-wide, with global human well-being and prosperity. 
Increasingly businesses must address multiple audiences, starting with their own employees and encompassing shareholders, investors, media (conventional and social), regulators and wider society.  
Climate change is complex; engagement is about fully understanding the current and future effect on all the stakeholder groups and converting them into organisational goals. Effective engagement across the entire stakeholder spectrum to build understanding and lay the groundwork for impactful change is essential for success in embedding sustainability principles. 

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